THE EARLY YEARS - In April 1992, the South African Air Services Licensing Acts changed and suddenly the words "Quality Management Plan" were on everybody's lips. Chris De Beer seized the business opportunity as at that time he had been actively involved in "Quality" for just over six years. A Close Corporation with the name of Avsacon CC was established and Chris resigned from the South African Air Force where he served for almost 14 years. In early 1993 he was joined in the business by Toinette - in more ways than one as it turned out - as they were married in mid 1993.

Several Air Service Licences and Air Operating Certificates were obtained by Avsacon CC on behalf of air service operators between the years of 1992 and 2000. These air service operators included scheduled carriers, non-scheduled carriers, training schools, crop spraying companies and some display teams. Notably, some of the scheduled air carriers in which Avsacon CC was instrumental in setting up were South African Airlink, South African Express Airways, Phoenix Airways and Nationwide. Refer to the  CUSTOMERS  section for a list of customers over that period.

Activities of Avsacon CC over this period included, inter alia, the legal aspects, Quality Management Plans, Flight Operations Manuals, Cabin Attendants Manuals and Manuals of Procedures (for the Aircraft Maintenance Organisations). 

Towards the end of 1996 Avsacon CC was approached by South African Airlink in order to set up an enhanced, efficient and effective Quality Management System for SA Airlink. With this shift in focus, the other activities of Avsacon CC scaled down as it was decided to certify SA Airlink to ISO9002:1994 (as it was then known). In 1998 SA Airlink, with Avsacon CC responsible for the project execution and management, was the first scheduled airline on the African continent to be certified to the ISO9002:1994 standard.



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THE INTERMEDIATE YEARS - Between 1999 and 2004 Chris and Toinette were  responsible for managing the ISO9001 QMS, Aviation & Flight Safety, Occupational Health & Safety and Aviation Security programmes of the SA Airlink Group of Companies. In 2001 they upgraded the SA Airlink QMS and in 2002 SA Airlink was certified to ISO9001:2000.

However, the winds of change were blowing as, in 2004, the requirement (from OEM's) for South African aerospace manufacturers to be certified to the AS/EN9100 standard became a reality.


THE RECENT YEARS - In 2004 Chris was approached by Bureau Veritas Quality International (then BVQi and from 2006 Bureau Veritas Certification) to conduct, as an independent contractor, 3rd party certification audits on behalf of BVQi. In order to ensure independence and to prevent conflict of interest situations, any involvement with SA Airlink had to be ended in June 2004.

From 2005 Chris have been involvement is 3rd party audits to the AS/EN9100 standard, FAA AC00-56A as well as ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001. An interesting aspect of this was that between 2005 and mid 2008 Chris was the only suitably qualified, certified and active AS/EN9100 Aerospace Experienced Auditor in Africa!

Several successful QMS implementation projects were managed from 2005 and in 2007 involvement with the Aerospace Industry Support Initiative (AISI) supplier development programme (an initiative of the DTi) materialised (see  CURRENT PROJECTS).

During 2008, it was decided that a re-branding was necessary and REVOLAVIA was conceived towards the middle of 2008.

The new brand was formally launched on 1 March 2009 and offers services as described in the the PRODUCT RANGE section. The secret of REVOLAVIA is not in size but in efficient, dedicated and personalised service!

Chris and Toinette, between them, bring in excess of 49 years of aviation, defence and related industry experience right to your doorstep. For a detailed profile on Chris De Beer click on his name.

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