Based in Gauteng, South Africa, Revolavia is the leader in Business Management System (BMS) implementation, surveillance and maintenance in Aviation and Defence related businesses and organisations. We design, establish, implement, maintain and/or amend any BMS to achieve international certification, approval or recognition in terms of the current range of Aerospace Standards (AS/EN9100, AS/EN9110 and AS/EN9120), FAA AC00-56A, ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001 and ISO TS16949. We recently extended our scope of supply to also include PRI Nadcap and BINDT (British Institute for Non-Destructive Testing)  requirement compliance.   

If you need or desire a Business Management System that is required to comply with specified international standards, as well as OEM, customer specific and legal requirements, Revolavia is the 'mission planning' specialist that will assist you in reaching desired BMS destinations and targets on time...effectively and efficiently. Please contact us to discuss your particular requirement or if you need more information.

Our footprint stretches across South Africa as well as Southern- and Eastern Africa.




1 March 2011 - Proposals for three more companies to be certified to the AS/EN9100 Quality Management Systems (Aviation, Space and Defence) have been submitted to the AISI (CSIR) for approval. It is anticipated that this project will commence in April 2011.


15 February 2011 - One organisation (Aero Services) will be certificated to AS/EN9100 and another organisation (Thorax Life Protection Equipment) will be certificated to ISO9001:2008 by April 2011.



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AIR The aviation industry is a truly global industry and several South African companies are already certified to AS/EN9100 or AS/EN9120. It is becoming clearer by the day that the OEM's (Airbus, Boeing, BAe etc) are requiring their suppliers to be compliant to the applicable Aerospace standard(s). If you supply the aviation industry in any way, manner or form, fly to the AIR section for more information. 


SEA Aviation and marine communities have always been using similar terminology ... think about port and starboard, captain, knots etc. Even though they are very diverse they are more closely related than perceived. Many companies doing work in the aviation industry also do work for the marine industry...and vice versa, whether it be civilian or defence related work. Sail along to the SEA section for more detail if 'waving' is part of your business.


LAND Many large OEM's that are in aviation are also involved in Land Defence System work (Boeing, BAe etc). Some South African aviation suppliers are suppliers to Land Defence System companies as well. Start the engine and wheel along to the LAND section.
INDUSTRY The often unknown and unseen lower tier suppliers plays a vital role in providing Air, Sea and Land manufacturing companies with components, raw material etc. Whether you company is involved in composites, machining or sheet metal, or any other of the host of manufacturing industries that fits in here, gear up and machine along to the INDUSTRY section.


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